Steve Carroll artist

30th May 2019

Bradburys are pleased to be showcasing a number of beautiful pieces by artist Steve Carroll in our showroom. Steve creates large sculptural pieces using Elm, Macrocarpa and Pippy Oak.



“I choose timber that, due to its internal and external structure, grain, rot and growth marks, is reminiscent of water running over a surface… This latest series was influenced by a recent dive off the coast of The Lizard in Cornwall…The silver fish incorporated into the pieces are symbolic of exploration and protection;  As they hide within the natural strata, the viewer is encouraged to search the wooden “rock scape” in order to uncover the knowledge hidden within.”



These authentic pieces with touches of sterling silver, add depth and contrast to our contemporary kitchen designs and are available to view in our Exeter showroom. If you would like more information and prices on these, or other works by Steve, visit the showroom or contact Steve here. 




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