Paola Royals ‘lunch break’

18th Jul 2018

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Paola Royals Fit Food lunch break in our WARENDORF Die Küche working display kitchen. Paola is a wellness and resilience coach who uses the mind and how we think to help us make healthy choices in the way that we eat.

“I think knowledge is the missing link in Nutrition and for you to succeed. Understanding your food choices on a mental and physical level is key;

Why is it better for you to eat certain foods but not others?

Why do you choose to eat what you eat and how much?

We’ve forgotten that food is medicine and is able to heal us from the inside out.

We’ve forgotten why we eat and how food makes us feel.

Finding out more about your food choices and about yourself will lead you to a healthier lifestyle and through that you will drop that excess weight without needing to starve yourself to death or deny yourself from any food. ”


Paola’s fun and interactive cooking courses help you to understand how nutrition benefits you, how to incorporate this way of cooking into a busy lifestyle and gives you many tips and recipe ideas. Paola prepares and cooks for you a starter, main and dessert to enjoy in beautiful surroundings with great company. All recipes are organic from Shillingford Organics, and whole food, plant based, gluten and sugar free.

In todays lunch break Paola made a Quinoa salad with pomegranate and mint, homemade falafel and a delicious rhubarb crumble.



“The course has made me more interested in cooking, is fun and has inspired me to cook new recipes. I thoroughly enjoyed it” – Ann B.


For more information on Paola’s wellness and resilience coaching or her cookery courses, please visit her website or contact 07715310920.


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