Novy Panorama induction hob

17th Dec 2018

We would like to introduce you to the Novy Panorama induction hob with built-in downdraft extractor, now on display in our Exeter showroom.

As part of their ‘Premium Innovation Products’; distributed only through selected partners, the Novy Panorama is “part of a new generation of products that set the tone for the future with discretion, simplicity and ease of use, with every technological detail considered, and of course silence.” – Novy

Novy Panorama induction hob

A ‘reddot design award winner 2018‘, the Panorama has a clean, timeless look, with a sleek black downdraft extractor clad in semi-transparent glass, allowing it to merge seamlessly into its surroundings. When in use, the white slider controls on the hob light up and are activated by automatic pan detection, when not in use, you can only see the black opaque glass.

The downdraft extractor is positioned discreetly behind the hob with adjustable height; meaning it catches cooking fumes directly at the source. You can choose between 10cm, 20cm or 30cm, depending on the height of your cooking pots. After cooking, the downdraft extractor disappears back into the hob, creating visual simplicity and clean lines in your kitchen.

Novy Panorama induction hob

Novy Panorama induction hob

The Panorama offers:

  • Simple touch controls
  • A separate timer for each zone
  • Bridge function for extra large cooking zone
  • 3 keep-warm functions
  • Stop&Go function
  • Superpower function
  • Grill function
  • Safeguarding features

Both the downdraft extractor and the hob are easy to clean after cooking. The glass surface of the downdraft extractor is also provided with a special coating that makes it oil and water repellent. The grease filters, the safety components, and the reservoirs are low-maintenance and are dishwasher proof.


Our designers here at Bradburys enjoy incorporating the Panorama into kitchen designs because it can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen without needing a ceiling or wall as you would for a traditional cooker hood. By choosing a hob with an integrated cooker hood, we have so much more freedom in design and layout.

Visit our Exeter showroom to explore our working Novy Panorama for yourself and to discuss with our designers how this induction hob would work in your space.

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