New Quooker Fusion black

13th Mar 2019

The new kitchen must have – the Quooker – the tap that immediately dispenses boiling water now comes in a matt black and we LOVE it. Shown here in our showroom display kitchen in Exeter; this tap adds an instant edge to your kitchen design and is perfect if you want to achieve a modern industrial look for your kitchen design.


These taps are seriously stylish, whilst being extremely functional. The Quooker not only delivers instant cups of tea but also saves energy and water, reduces the need for plastic bottles and is safe. You can also banish the kettle from your worktops, allowing you to create a clean, minimalist look for your kitchen.



You can choose between a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or the Quooker Flex or Fusion; a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. The Quooker tap is not just for making quick cups of tea (although it does this brilliantly) it is also great for:

  • preparing vegetables
  • cooking asparagus
  • boiling eggs
  • filling hot water bottles
  • cleaning pans
  • making filter coffee.


The Quooker has a number of safety features to stop any issues that could arise from using boiling water:

  • The flow of water is delivered as an aerated spray, not a solid jet, preventing the risk of serious scalds or burns.
  • Childproof double push and turn handle.
  • The light ring illuminates when the tap is dispensing.
  • The entire spout is insulated so is not hot to the touch.
  • The pull out hose on the Flex tap is fitted with an additional safety feature which ensures that no boiling water will be dispensed when the hose is pulled out.
  • And perhaps most importantly: a Quooker can’t be knocked over, unlike a kettle or a pan.


“The patented high-vacuum insulation ensures that the Quookers standby usage is just 3 pence a day… the Quooker ensures that you always have the exact amount of boiling water you need… so no waste.”

  • You only use the amount of water you need
  • Usage is just 3 pence a day


So why not go bold and make an impact in your new kitchen. For more information, prices and to see this black Quooker tap in our kitchen display contact us to book an appointment and free design consultation.


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