Dream kitchen islands

17th Jul 2020

The most popular feature that we are asked to incorporate into our kitchen designs here at Bradburys of Exeter and the top of most people’s kitchen wish lists is a large functioning island. And when we say functioning, we mean an island that can do everything! Create tons of storage, sink and hob area, dishwasher, bin units, wine conditioners and breakfast bar seating. An island can work hard for you whilst also looking fantastic and bringing the whole family together using the space for homework, socialising, and entertaining.

kitchen islands

There are lots of different ways that your designer can create a kitchen island and we always like to make sure that it works well for your family and how you use your space and cook in your kitchen. Here, we look at different options for island designs to try and give you some inspiration and help you find what you love.



This large island incorporates a large undermount sink, a hob with integrated extractor, a built-in dishwasher and large pan drawers. Having an island that includes all of this can free up important space elsewhere in the kitchen and also puts the keen family chef centre stage during any dinner parties.


You can include breakfast bar seating within your kitchen island as well as lots of storage and even an undercounter wine cooler, perfect for parties.


This wooden breakfast bar is a stylish addition to any island and a great way to add extra seating.


A curved island always looks fantastic in a more traditional style kitchen design and including a lower dining area with seating can bring the whole family together. 

There are certain rules that we would always like to adhere to when designing an island, such as allowing enough space around the island, usually between 1000-1200mm, to allow room for two people to move around whilst cooking and preparing food, but also so that the island isn’t too far away so that it gets tiring. An island is also usually around 3000mm long due to available sizes of worktop slabs. Following these rules will give you a functional and working island that makes your life easier. You can then browse our many door styles and samples to make your design personal to suit your home and tastes.

If you are planning a kitchen extension, re-model, or new build, and want to discuss your ideas or be led by our fantastic team of designers to see what would work well in your space, then please give us a call to book your showroom appointment on 01392 796534.




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