BORA Professional 2.0

13th Aug 2018

BORA Professional 2.0 – functional aesthetics, innovative effectiveness, extra-deep dimensions, best performance and winner of the 2017 Red Dot Award.


We have recently installed a working BORA Professional 2.0 in our Exeter kitchen design studio. BORA hob systems suction cooking vapours and odours away precisely where they arise; directly at the cooktop from pots, roasters, frying pans and grills. The grease particles released during cooking are effectively trapped in the stainless steel grease filter.



The BORA Professional 2.0 is a combination of a high quality extractor and powerful, extra deep cooktops with unique control knobs, a minimalistic design, sleek appearance and a broad range of modular cooktops available – offering complete flexibility for your new kitchen design.

Bradburys offer the full range of BORA products, with the Professional 2.0 and the BORA Basic available for you to come, test out and see in action.

Visit Bradburys to find out all you need to know about these innovative products.












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